169: Hymenophyllum crispatum Wall.

Entry: 169
Page: 7

Hymenoph. crispatum, Wall.

Taxon: Hymenophyllum crispatum
Authority: Wall.
IPNI: 17122300-1
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Botanic Garden and Botanical Museum Berlin-Dahlem(B) B200013782 http://herbarium.bgbm.org/object/B200013782
Collection: 169.[1]: Hymenophyllum crispatum Wall.
Page: 7
Napaliae 1820
Location: Nepal
Nepal ~ Nepal
Collector: Wallich, N.

Nathaniel Wallich (1786-1854)

Superintendent at the EIC's Botanic Garden at Sibpur, near Calcutta, India.

Year: 1820
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Collection: 169.B: Hymenophyllum crispatum Wall.
Page: 247

Sillet W.G.

Location: Sylhet

Some specimens are marked 'Sillet', others 'montes Sillet' or 'mont. Sillet'. Montes Sillet indicates the Khasi Hills, in Assam. Specimens marked only 'Sillet' (or 'Sylhet' etc) can be from either the Khasi Hills or from Bengal/Bangladesh.

Collector: Gomez, W.

William Gomez

Plant collector for Nathaniel Wallich. Collected in Sillet and Kumaon as well as in Tavoy and Tenasserim coast. His name is frequently abbreviated to "WG".

Note: Wallich has added a question mark, indicating some doubt in placing this Collection under this Entry.
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Royal Botanic Garden Kew (Wallich)(K-W) K001109429 http://specimens.kew.org/herbarium/K001109429