502: Loranthus ampullaceus Roxb.

Entry: 502
Page: 16
Loranthus ampullaceus, Roxb. Herb. 1823
Taxon: Loranthus ampullaceus
Authority: Roxb.
Specimens: 0
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Collection: 502.[1]: Loranthus ampullaceus Roxb.
Page: 16
Location: Sylhet

Some specimens are marked 'Sillet', others 'montes Sillet' or 'mont. Sillet'. Montes Sillet indicates the Khasi Hills, in Assam. Specimens marked only 'Sillet' (or 'Sylhet' etc) can be from either the Khasi Hills or from Bengal/Bangladesh.

Collector: Wallich, N.

Nathaniel Wallich (1786-1854)

Superintendent at the EIC's Botanic Garden at Sibpur, near Calcutta, India.

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Royal Botanic Garden Kew (Wallich)(K-W) K001111161 http://specimens.kew.org/herbarium/K001111161
Royal Botanic Garden Kew (Wallich)(K-W) K001111162 http://specimens.kew.org/herbarium/K001111162