754: Thibaudia loranthiflora Wall.

Entry: 754
Page: 22
Thibaudia loranthiflora, Wall.
Taxon: Thibaudia loranthiflora
Authority: Wall.
Specimens: 0
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Collection: 754.[1]: Thibaudia loranthiflora Wall.
Page: 22
Tavoy orae Tenasserim, W. Gomez
Location: Tavoy

Dawei (Myanmar)

,  Tenasserim

Tenasserim (Myanmar), possibly the Great Tenasserim River.

Collector: Gomez, W.

William Gomez

Plant collector for Nathaniel Wallich. Collected in Sillet and Kumaon as well as in Tavoy and Tenasserim coast. His name is frequently abbreviated to "WG".

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Royal Botanic Garden Kew (Wallich)(K-W) K001111784 http://specimens.kew.org/herbarium/K001111784