9137: Connaraceae R.Br.

Entry: 9137
Page: 305
Taxon: Connaraceae
Authority: R.Br.
Specimens: 0
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Collection: 9137.[A]: Connaraceae R.Br.
Page: 305
Turong Hb. Finlays.
Location: Turon

Da Nang (Vietnam)

Herbarium: Finlayson's herbarium

Collections by George Finlayson (1790-1823), surgeon-naturalist on the 1821 mission to Siam and Cochinchina.

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Royal Botanic Garden Kew (Wallich)(K-W) K001132258 http://specimens.kew.org/herbarium/K001132258
Royal Botanic Garden Kew (Wallich)(K-W) K001132259 http://specimens.kew.org/herbarium/K001132259